Pontus Bergström Warren statement

The time has come for me to part ways with the band. I don't really know how to put it in words, but I guess I'll try anyway. The reason why I'm leaving Beyond is because I feel drained and done with the sound we where heading for. Simple as that! I just can't set my mind to come up with new material. It just isn't fun to play anymore. And I have some personal issues that I don't really wanna go in to. That is the other reason why I can't be in a band right now. It's...

David Söhrs statement

I really don’t know how to start and can’t really wrap my head around that I’m actually writing this right now. This is what I never thought I would write – although something I always feared would eventually come. But now that I’m here, I actually feel very fine with my decision. But of course there’s a lot of mixed feelings about the whole thing.

A year ago, there was some sort of deep sub-conscious spirit of my own thoughts swooping past my head, asking: “Is this really what you want?”
“Of course it is what I want”, I insisted inside...

"ERASE" is out now!

We can proudly announce that our new music video "ERASE" has finally been released. This is a video that represents the damages our current way of living actually hurts our planet we all depend so much on. The earth is like the heart and the main reason we're alive, and yet we abuse it to a point that is unimaginable. People need to know the real reasons behind politics and power. Behind the corporations funding the politicians. 
Anything done by the corporations...

David’s words about Erase

David’s words about Erase

Hello all fans and readers out there! Long time no see, time to write something! 

Erase is a straightforward, simple and awesome song – just as we wanted it to be. It’s punchy, fast and has a great hook; and is one of the most fun songs to play live, no doubt.


The lyrics might seem a little bit simple – which is fine and up to the listener to decide – but for me, who wrote it, it has a way deeper meaning. For me, the lyrics is from Mother Earth’s perspective. One can say that the earth...

Our trip to Bulgaria and our biggest show so far - SUPPORT FOR MEGADETH

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since we had the biggest show of our lives so far together with the almighty MEGADETH. After hard work with the album and tour-planning, we took some vacation after this major event. We figured that you guys might wanted to share our experience in the best way possible and therefor we've made a little video from our trip to Bulgaria. Enjoy!