Davids words about "STAIN YOUR NAME".

Hello everyone who’s nerdy enough for some deeper digging into the world of Beyond All Recognition. First up is the opening track ”Stain Your Name” from the new self-titled album we just released (May 27) through Sony Music.  So, let’s get to it then. Why did we chose this track as the opener? Well, in my and our opinion it was meant to hit you right in the face. Some might even run, and that’s bad if you run before you’ve even discovered the rest of the album – which is a mix of many influences. So, if you don’t like being hit in the face, stay strong and await some sweet massage for your brain later on. Back to the point. Stain Your Name is a fast, angry and a great song to enjoy – especially live. It has parts where everyone can join in and sing and also have a massive electronic drop in the middle of it. If you like it fast, heavy and angry, Stain Your Name might be a great song for you. This is actually one of my personal favorites on this album, and yeah, I guess that’s also one reason to why we chose to open the entire album with this one. 


So, what about the lyrics then? What’s the song about? Well, compared to Drop = Dead lyrics, I’ve grown up a little if I might say so myself. I choose to write stuff that I think actually matters nowadays – lyrics that can plant a seed into some and help some on the way of life as some epiphany’s has helped me. Stain Your Name is about the wars we have behind our own faces. Why do we hate some people and love others because of simple differences in opinions? I know that I’m not a perfect person, and I know that I’ve hurt people before. I also know that some even hates me for something I’ve done some time ago and never really meant. We all grow and say things we regret later on. We learn things. Why is it so hard letting go of stuff that happened in the past? Do we feel good by hating people? I don’t know. All I know is that I always have good intentions, and fine, if you hate me, maybe you’re just jealous or simply dumb to put gasoline on a fire that wasn’t even there in the beginning.


The worst thing I know is people who really thinks that they’re right in every single debate and steps over people with different but yet logical valuations. Just because you think differently about who should run the world or if you’re vegan or eat meat, doesn’t mean you’re a better person than me. The difference between knowing and seeking information is that I’m not stepping on your thoughts and laughing in your face just because I think you’re wrong.  I might disagree with you, but I’m not laughing at you for thinking differently. So basically, this song is written and influenced by people who think they stand above the rest. It can be you, your father, and your best friends even. Don’t become enemies just because you have different valuations. You have learned things along the way every day since you’ve been born. Certain events has formed you as a human being and some things has changed you forever as a person. The person you’re discussing with can’t possibly have an idea of what you’ve been through and why you think the way you think. Don’t judge him, don’t be offended. There’s only two answers in this equation. Either you’re right and the other person hasn’t come to that level of understanding how the world works, OR, this person actually has overcome information that kills your meaning and suddenly you become the one who’s not on that level. The problem is that both of you think you’re right. Release the feeling of competition and talk like smart human beings and be open to listen to what the other person actually tells you. As a matter of fact, all we do, we do because we think it is right and we have hope’s that life will be better. So, stop fighting and start to listen instead. That’s basically what inspired “Stain Your Name” lyric wise.

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