Davids words about "AESTHETIC/PATHETIC"


This song is one of the first we wrote for this album and has taken a lot of different forms before we were satisfied. Slow chorus, fast chorus, completely different structure, fast and slow kicks; we went back and forth until we got what we were looking for. A lot of different choruses was tested and my voice was going through waves of challenges with the clean vocals – since I’ve never really released something with cleans. I was always that background singer who never really dared to step in to take the lead back in time. So, you who says that labels or producers stepped in and said. “Hey dudes. We want to earn money. David, take your balls and squeeze them together and try to sound like something we can play on the radio. Your deathcore shit doesn’t work!” – can go shove something nice up your assess! 

The cleans are there because we as a band and I as a singer chose to evolve our music and actually loves that we now are able to mix in even more influences into our music. If you turn it around, why did Drop = Dead sound the way it did? Was it because we really chose it or was it because we did what we could do musically at that time and make it sound as it sounds? Sorry to let all of you Drop = Dead fans down, but Beyond All Recognition is all about change and evolution. We always strives to get better and use the knowledge and inspirations we have in real-time. Our future babies might look and sound even more different from this album.


Wow. I totally went off track there. Back to Aesthetic/Pathetic and the lyrics perhaps? Yes, I think so.

Aesthetic/Pathetic is about not letting society control your inner emotions. After all, it’s your emotions and your thoughts that is the roots of your actions. How many people are depressed nowadays? What’s the reasons behind it? One reason is the constant commercials on TV, internet and posters that tells you that you’re not perfect. Constantly you’re getting told that you’re not enough for this society. People hide behind makeup and false masks just to impress others, but all you should focus on is to impress and evolve yourself. You are responsible for your own story and can do great things if you set your mind to it. And by that, great things doesn’t mean becoming a rock star or becoming a CEO at a big company – it means something great for you. Do you have a dream? What’s stopping you from achieving it? You’re the leader, you’re responsible for the choices you make. You’re the one who’s accepting what’s wrong with society that stops you from living the life you want to live. Don’t fall from brainwashing commercials or stereotypes that tells you that you can’t do something. The ONLY reason why people is saying you can’t do something, is because they listen to those who told them the EXACT same thing when they were kids. If you listen to those who want to “drag you down to reality” and says “grow up”, there’s 100% chance your dreams will never come true. If you don’t listen, at least there is a chance. You decide. “A moment of pain can make a lifetime of glory”. Take control of your life. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and accept that problems only appear to test our strength. Our strength that is needed to reach the top. Fight.

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