Davids words about "ELATION AND REVELATION"

Revelation is one of the songs that gone through most changes on the whole album I would say. The song went through a lot of changes and we even decided not to have the song on the album at all. We threw it in the trashcan and it was left there until Alexius came over to our studio for some last co-writing for the album. The electronics was done and everything, but somehow the information never reached him. He actually got kind of mad in a way when we told him that we had dropped the song and asked if we were stupid or something – since this was one of the best songs on the album, according to him. So, we decided to listen to him and work the song again. This time we really started to feel the song and saw its true potential once again. The solution was to cut the intro and make it into an intro-track called Elation. And yeah, we thought it was fitting pretty well with the atmosphere with the title “Elation”. And by adding “Rev” to Elation, it became “Revelation”, which the song also is about. We had come to a perfect solution and by that the album became 14 track long instead of 12 as intended. So, you who thinks the album is too long, sorry, we just couldn’t let this one out!


Revelation is about the revelation I had after the news about me becoming a father in the end of august this year. At first I was terrified of course. The band was going well; I had just signed a new record deal with Gain, Sony Music and a booking contract with Alpha Omega Management and then this came like a meteor crashing down and tore my reality apart. When my girlfriend called me and said that she was pregnant, I actually was in the studio recording vocals for the album. When I got the news I became numb and couldn’t continue recording. It was a mixed feeling of fear of change but happiness as well. I forged a story together that her father was sick and that I had to go – which the band bought. Then I kept it a secret for a month from my brothers in the band. It was a hard time. I was afraid of what they were going to say about the whole thing. The timing was really bad. But hey, isn’t it always when it comes to kids? All though, deep down I knew I was ready to raise a child side by side with the woman of my wildest dreams.


 Anyhow, my roller-coaster of feelings was soon over and I told the band – who really didn’t take it as bad as I honestly thought. Together we made a plan and are now working together to make everything work. And of course, if it wasn’t for my understanding and beloved girlfriend and soon to be wife, I’m not sure if I’d still be here. But here I am and the future is looking bright. The lyrics is all about my future challenges of being a lovable father and a frontman in a band that has acted as wings for my dreams a long time now. Revelation is all about facing problems straight on and be willing to make sacrifices for both parts to create a brighter future for myself, my family and my brothers in the band. Life is tough but it’s also so beautiful and full of love. Change can sometimes be good, even if it’s hard to accept. In my thought, change are often good and sometimes needed, because it means that life’s goes forward. I will never know where I will stand in the future, all I know is that I have two purposes in life: My family and a career that can lift our lives to the better. I have to believe that keeping my head up high through struggles that will occur, dreams has the only chance of becoming true. Side by side by those I love the most I can make it. I have to believe that.

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