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People ask sometimes wonder who will succeed the current and older metal bands from the present into the future. This band is an example of the new metal bands that can go fill this gap, namely because they know how to make very good metal. Clearly told that these guys are influenced by bands such as Slipknot, Korn and Fear Factory. However, with their own interpretation of this they will be fans of the nu metal genre zekers not disappoint. This Swedish band knew shortly after its founding in 2011 and the release of two EPs called 'Now or Never' and 'This is Dubcore "and despite the necessary changes in the line of the band name to create for themselves with their dubcore metal as they call it, and went in 2011 to tour with We Butter the Bread with Butter by Germany. The debut album released in 2012 "Drop = Dead" (with Napalm Records) which Soilwork vocalist Bjorn Strid also be heard was very well received. After an extensive tour of Italy and Germany in 2014 brought one song 'Our Illusion' what gave the fans an idea what might be expected on the next album. After the tour through Russia in 2015 and again a change in the occupation it was time (a few more gigs with Adept after) to go into the studio to work on their second album.

The "self-titled" album "Beyond All Recognition 'the band knows how to improve their dubcore metal mix metalcore with melodic tinged death metal as is clearly reflected in album opener' Stain Your Name ', but also in the hardcore elements filled songs 'Erase' and 'Unfounded'.In "the Dead Can not Speak' the band manages to beautifully combine dubstep approach with the drawling vocals in the song.

In 'Aesthetic/Pathetic' the band is strong in the structure of the song seems melodic vocals is nothing to attract the fast pace of the drum salvos and pounding guitar riffs and grunts that lie at the base. Beyond All Recognition knows this album to translate their music eels influences well in their way of making music. The song 'Kill(h)er' here is an example of extremely powerful and comes out of the corner and is a great number for fans to go off.

'What You Are' again is surprising, because it is a different number and relatively quiet, but the audible contained tension makes this particular number. Interesting and surprising elements on this album are the psycho-like western / thriller instrumental which the name 'Elation' listens and is an intro to the melodic "Revelation" that music also carries a certain tension while the vocals claiming its space and David shr sounds has a versatile vocal.

The guitar sound of "Elation" is subtle in the song 'Revelation' back. The piano part in "Rest" is a pleasant addition and very surprising. Time to get there is not when the tape to the end of the album rampage still a lot going on 'Knowing', 'Trigger Denial' and the glorious powerful closing track 'Daemons' in which the guitar treed clearly to the fore in.

Beyond All Recognition with this album is better in all respects to their debut album, with a more mature approach that puts everything better together. They are definitely one of the new nu metal bands, a band that clearly with this record show themselves to have developed. The album is intense, diverse and energetic and knows how to handle the various influences of other bands in their music making sure every metal fan now is an album that is worth.

(7.5 / 10, Gain Music, Sony Music Entertainment)

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