David’s words about Erase

Hello all fans and readers out there! Long time no see, time to write something! 

Erase is a straightforward, simple and awesome song – just as we wanted it to be. It’s punchy, fast and has a great hook; and is one of the most fun songs to play live, no doubt.


The lyrics might seem a little bit simple – which is fine and up to the listener to decide – but for me, who wrote it, it has a way deeper meaning. For me, the lyrics is from Mother Earth’s perspective. One can say that the earth is talking from a humanized perspective and responds to the damages we humans has made on it - on our fifteen seconds of existence on the galactic scale so to speak.

With the greed of profit and with our way of solving problems, we always involve politics, bureaucracy and other means, that always have been solving one problem and created two others. Look at the oil-industry, coal-industry and the old energy industry which denies climate change because of one obvious reason – profit. As all the scientists sounds the alarm about the coming point of no return for the climate and our future, greedy politicians and businessmen keeps on denying this fact that is threatening our entire species. We keep on destroying rainforests, polluting entire cities, oceans, lakes, making oil-based plastics and other non-sustainable materials that is being thrown into less worthy areas and keeps on growing. This wasteful way of managing the resources, is destroying the planet in a rapid rate – EVEN IF WE HAVE ALL THE SOLUTIONS TO SAVE OURSELVES AND MAKE UP FOR OUR MISTAKES WITHING JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS WITH A FULLY SUSTANABLE SOCIETY FOR ALL. We, as humans, basically has a gun pointed to our own heads – all because the greed of power. So, basically, Erase is telling us that if Mother Nature would have a chance to strike back, we all would be kind of f*cked so to speak – which is exactly what’s happening if we don’t stop this madness. Maybe one person listens to this song and makes some research, finds this blog and reads this right now, and just starts to look at things from another point of view – that would be cool and that’s one of the thoughts I have with this song. Maybe I can get someone involved and inspired somehow – because we all can do something.


All we need to do as humans is to declare all the worlds’ resources as the common heritage of all the worlds’ people, and from there we need to start finding solutions to healing the planet and find ways to protect us from previous extinction events on this planet that might as well hit us in the future – instead of adding new manmade technologies that can kill us all. The short message of this song is simple: Work together or get beaten by the world that we created.

And, yes. The cool thing is that we just finished a music video for this song - so by reading this, you might know why we wanted to create the video the way we did. More info about the release of this video is coming! 




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