Davids words about WHAT YOU ARE


What You Are is one of the first songs we dared to really experiment with. If you have heard it you’ll probably notice that the sound is far different from what the tracks on Drop = Dead sounded like for example. We wanted a unique song and we got one. I as a singer also got more challenges of practicing my vocals – which has been a lot of fun as I’m still evolving.

The lyrics are quite dark but yet so true in many aspects. It’s all about our current view of what we think is civilization. As kids we dreamt big about everything from building a rocket and fly into space and to travel the world. As we get older though, teachers and everyone around makes us ready for the grown up life, which is a lot different from our “childish dreams”. We’re constantly being fed by our system that we need to become something that generates a lot of money. We’re being taught that money is the number one priority, always. Become a lawyer, become a banker, become this, become that – just make sure it generates enough money so you can buy expensive stuff and live in a big house – otherwise you’re not successful and you won’t be happy. We’re being prepared to work 80% of our lives and put our dreams and desires on the side. If you still have the strength and have come this far reading this update things is getting even darker, so stop reading this now if you don’t want to get offended. Here it goes. Today’s workers aren’t that different from slavery back in the day. Think about it, the elite has taken all we need to survive and built walls around it. Water, food and resources we need to build shelters. Then they created money, which is the only ticket you get to go into these stores that contains the resources you need to survive. How do you get this thing called money then? Yes, you guessed it. We need to work for money, so that we can survive. At the same time we’re being told that we’re attributing to a better future. But are we really? When everything is controlled by money nothing really changes. Something is really wrong with this structure when people lives on the streets with no food when at the same time there is lots of empty buildings and food that is being thrown away. Something is wrong when we have problems with obesity and at the same time children are dying because of the lack of food. Something is wrong when people die of illness and yet there is medicine. Think of it. People don’t die from the deceases, they die because they don’t have the money to cure them with the cures that already exist. At that moment, money has taken away humans the very right to live.


A lot of things are very wrong in this world, but we who live in the “luckier” countries are being told that we cannot complain because that others have it worse than us. Although we’re being forced to wake up at 6 AM to go to a job which easily can be replaced by automated machines. We’re killing our natural clock and are being torn apart from our children that needs us, all because we need to make money. Sirens of alarms in recent studies tells us that our unnatural behavior is killing us from the inside and at the same time our whole planet is dying because of this greedy behavior which is created all because of money. People has been fed that we’re the smartest animal on this planet with our technologies and have a money-based system so that everyone has the same chance of making a living. It’s all bullshit. Look at the world. Just look at the world, really. It isn’t working. Wars, poverty, murder, robbery and deceases. We’re using all of our planets resources and are eating it up from within. Companies plan that your TV will break down in a near future so you can buy a new one and throw away the old one. The piles of trash is growing bigger every day, because of this thing called planned obsolescence – the earth can’t handle it much longer. This competitive and greedy behavior caused by the thought that we need to make money is tearing this world apart.  We need five more planets to continue living the way we do if we shall survive. Why are we still doing this without question? Are we that blind? The corporations and the governments of the world does nothing but destroy the very soil we need to survive as species. A world without money will come whether we like it or not. The difference is that it’s a future with or without humans. We need to change our monetary system in order to survive. We need to change the very structure of our society and start educating people to find solutions instead of being stopped by a stupid thing called profit. We have the technology to change the whole world and save ourselves. What we need is a massive change of consciousness and a will to research actual problems. The change is within us all, especially you who have read this far and not taken offense yet. If we keep turning the blind eye to this devastating events that keeps on happening, a major war is just around the corner. For what? Can we just stop killing each other over shit that doesn’t even matter? We need to join together and show the elite that we are outnumbering them by millions. They fear educated people. In order for them to stay in power they can’t deny us if we’re educated enough. We don’t want their wars. We want freedom and peace.

Sorry for the long post, but it needed to be said. And even if we’ve faced dark times, more is coming. It’s like looking towards he night sky, yes, it’s dark, but let’s look at the billions of stars above us. There’s a lot of stars and light as well. There is hope. There’s always hope. Hope is the last thing that will ever leave us.

Deep inside all of us, we know that something is wrong – as the lyrics are saying. Instead of wondering what’s wrong, do some research and know what’s wrong instead. Embrace it for a better future.

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