"ERASE" is out now!

We can proudly announce that our new music video "ERASE" has finally been released. This is a video that represents the damages our current way of living actually hurts our planet we all depend so much on. The earth is like the heart and the main reason we're alive, and yet we abuse it to a point that is unimaginable. People need to know the real reasons behind politics and power. Behind the corporations funding the politicians. 
Anything done by the corporations and the politicians that serve them, is legal. Anything done to stop their pillaging, is illegal. That is how the world works. That's why it's weird that people rather ask: Is it legal? Instead of: Is it right?
Politics is outdated and need to get a brand new update. It doesn't work anymore. War, poverty, corruption, scarcity and injustice is just a few things that has never changed by neither our previous or current systems - communism, fascism, capitalism etc. These are all systems that the individual need to adapt to, and that's why there's always gonna be a side that is left out. We need to collect all the brilliant minds in the world and create a system that adapts to ALL people's needs and desires to ERASE the problems of our current world, once and for all. It's all in our hands to be the change we want to see in the world. Don't give your fate to greedy politicians and their false agendas. They're only going to solve ONE problem and create SEVERAL other problems - that is how it has always worked. It's like a rocky boat we're people goes left and right and fixes holes temporary for all eternity. What about fixing the leak in an intelligent way once and for all - without involving money, which isn't even backed by gold or something of worth anymore. Money is ONLY A WAY TO KEEP CONTROL, it's worth as much as my writing block beside me right now.
It’s time we fight back against this.
Spread awareness. Spread love. Spread the message.

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