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Founded in 2011, Beyond All Recognition are a Swedish dubcore / metal band from Västerås, Sweden. The band is comprised of David Eriksen (Guitar), Paul Gidlöf (Guitar) and Sebastian Maxe (Drums).
Upon the band forming in 2011, Beyond All Recognition released two EP’s entitled ‘Now or Never’ and ‘This is Dubcore’. Upon successfully signing with Napalm Records in 2012 they also secured a management deal, and completed their first full length album ‘Drop = Dead’. Debut single ‘Characters’ was an instant success and since its release has accumulated nearly 250,000 views on YouTube. Other substantial achievements since forming include:
  • Gaining a global fanbase
  • Exceeding 10,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook
  • Consistently receiving positive reviews from media sources
  • Toured throughout Europe with ‘Dead by April’ on multiple occasions due to demand
  • Toured with ‘Adept’ within Sweden
  • Supported ‘We Butter The Bread With Butter’ throughout Germany in 2012
  • Performed at various festivals including ‘Metaltown’ and ‘Sweden Rock Festival’
  • Toured Italy and Munich as headliners in December 2014
  • Toured throughout Russia as headliners in April 2015
  • Co-headlined the Ukrainian festival Krock U Maybutne, June 2016
  • Exceeding over 1,5 million listeners on debut single Between The Lines on Spotify.
  • Played support for MEGADETH in Sofia, Bulgaria, July 2016
  • Toured Europe again with Dead By April, December 2016
Keen to keep the creative juices flowing, Beyond All Recognition released ‘Our Illusion’ at the end of 2014 to provide a taster of what was to come on their highly anticipated follow-up album
After a small line-up change in the middle of 2015 the band, now back to their core members, they were ready to continue where ‘Drop = Dead’ and ‘Our Illusion’ finished and dared to take a step even further away from the ”core-scene” by removing the classical breakdown theme and add more groovy and crunchy riffs instead.
Now, after months of hard work, the new album complete, interest surrounding the band once again beginning to increase at a rapid rate. Beyond All Recognition are ready to head back out touring and secure their position as the innovative band who always succeed to amaze. With an innovative sound and a new unique image, Beyond All Recognition are eager to work towards the next level, and with the right support the band can reach their potential and continue to gain international success and recognition.
The second album “Beyond All Recognition” was released on May 27, 2016 via their new worldwide record deal with Gain Music Entertainment (Sony Music).
Record Label:
Gain Music Entertainment
Johan Gren, johan@gain.se
+46 31-7422170
manager: alexalphaomega@gmail.com
booking: joealphaomega@gmail.com
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